Senior leadership with decades of experience and old-school values. Wisely tempered into solid systems and proven processes. Making it easy for the whole team, while leading from the front.


ZaGenie Team Positions


We are looking for a charismatic chief executive officer, supported by a smart chief information officer, and accomplished chief operations officer. The chief technical officer must live on the leading edge, and the chief financial officer a whiz with numbers. Add in a diplomatic partner relations officer, and cool human resources officer, to keep the team happy. This management group, must lead from the front, with passion and authority.

We are never in a rush to increase the size of our team. We don’t need to see flashy resumés, and there are zero interviews. All that matters is what people can do, and how well they do it. Action is what secures a team position.

The way into our team, is by successfully completing a point-and-click worksheet. Succeed or fail, the fruits of your labour are yours to keep. Yes, there is work involved, but is that not what you are looking for? It’s all up to you…

ZaGenie Projects Worksheet

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Once fully completed, the door will open to these positions:


The proverbial buck stops here. To make sure the buck has little chance of getting this far, it behooves to maintain welcoming pastures. Our members must never feel the need to leave.

ZaGenie Chairman

Chairman & Founder

The right hand of the chairman, and highly visible head of the organization. Taking the ultimate strain of the helm and navigation. Steering the company with confidence and proven (st)ability.

ZaGenie Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Quality information is key to our success. This person knows where to find it, sanitize, analyze and utilize. With strong presentation and communication skills, to effectively update the team.

ZaGenie Chief Information Officer

Chief Information Officer

The central cog in the machine. Working with everyone and taking everything into account. Then bolting it all together, to make it work as a whole. Controlling the nuts and bolts of the company.

ZaGenie Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

We readily explore the bleeding edge of technology, but also keep things simple. Solid technical skills required, with old-school disciplines and sound security. Always practicing what we preach.

ZaGenie Chief Technical Officer

Chief Technical Officer

Classic accounting and the accurate counting of beans, ensures financial security for the company. Plain and simple money management, with a flair for transparent presentations.

ZaGenie Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

The most experienced partner manager in the company, having risen through all the ranks. Knowing exactly what it takes, to make partners profitable, and passionate about being here.

ZaGenie Partner Relations Officer

Partner Relations Officer

A happy team is a productive unit, and it takes a lot of effort to orchestrate happiness. The O in HRO, also stands for on-boarding, organizing and order. A successful team needs tight control.

ZaGenie Human Resources Officer

Human Resources Officer


ZaGenie Team

ZaGenie Team

Would you like to join us?

We don’t need your CV. Rather show us what you can do. With actions speaking louder than words, on a flawless curriculum vitae. Besides, life is not a lottery, whereby you send out your resume masterpiece, and then wait for a miracle. Rather speed things up, and get results NOW.

Taking action here, is the first step in securing a spot on our team. Simply by following a point-and-click list of to-do items. Yes, there is work involved, but is that not what you’re looking for?

No, we do not expect your efforts for free, and/or in vain. Even if you are not successful in your quest to join the best, at least you get to keep the fruits of your labour, and that is worth £2700!

You have nothing to lose. If anything, it will fill the time, while waiting for a reply from other job applications. The sound of crickets can be deafening. Why not strike up your own merry band?

Take matters into your own hands. Complete this worksheet. Be master of your own destiny. Should you NOT be up to the challenge, and prefer to wait for Godot, no problem. C’est la vie!

Project Worksheet

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PS. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. In both cases, you’ll be absolutely right!