Live Agents

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The first line of support, with the critical responsibility of warmly welcoming visitors to the website. Eradicating any user frustration, escalating issues that need further attention, and good follow up.

ZaGenie Live Agents

  • Who is this position for?

    Anyone over the age of 18. No technical skills required. A good command of the English language is essential. A definite ability to be patient and understanding. Your job is to alleviate any frustration that may be experienced by our website visitors. Think of yourself as the smart, efficient concierge in the hotel lobby. Good service is your forté.

  • What will you be doing?

    The first line of user support, for all the ZaGenie powered initiatives, is an important role. First impressions count, and that responsibility lies with you. When users click on the Live Chat button (bottom right) on every page, that’s your time to shine. No voice nor video, just typing chat. Simply select the already prepared canned responses, and work through the solutions. If unresolved in the chat session, you can escalate to the support reps, creating tickets. There is nothing technical for you to do. Just click-and-point users in the right direction. We make it easy for you.

  • Where is the place of work?

    We are primarily remote. That means you can work from anywhere, as long as you have good access to the ‘Net. There are offices planned for Cape Town; South Africa, Shoreham; England, Turin, and Venice; Italy. Should you be nearby, there will always be a hotdesk for you. These cities are also the geographic venues, where we meet from time to time, keeping human interaction alive. Use the offices, as and when needed. Good coffee, always brewing.

  • When can you get involved?

    That’s up to you. We are never in a rush to fill a vacancy. The positions are taken up, when the right person comes along. That journey begins, when you submit your application. You WILL receive a reply, explaining everything we do. Yes, there are a few tasks to perform, but the lesser of two evils. The other is to just sit and wait for a reply that never comes. We respect your time and effort to apply, and we reciprocate with an opportunity for you to prove your work ethic. Suave charisma is secondary to actual results. The success of your application depends on you.

  • Why we don’t need your CV?

    Undoubtedly, you have a fabulous résumé. However, it serves a lesser purpose here. We’re only interested in what we can do, together, going forward. As we have a non-standard approach, servicing unique initiatives, the primary question is, do you fit in? To that end, we give you a worksheet to complete, at your own pace and convenience.  Once completed, it will help you understand what we do, how we do it, and what’s in it for you. It’s all hands on.

  • How much money will I earn?

    The monthly basic contractor rate is £1600.
    Free memberships for all initiatives = £1400.
    Total package is £3000 per calendar month.
    Additional 20% commissions can be earned.
    Gross paid to you. No deductions taken at all.

    Work schedule:
    Two shifts of four hours, per day, for twenty days.
    – All shifts are daytime, based on the local time zone.
    – Shifts may occur over weekends, once per month.

    Important to note:
    This is a contractor/freelance position, online only.
    – Use your own connection, laptop and/or desktop.
    – You are responsible for all your local income taxes.
    – Contracts are mutually revised, every three months.

    Payment process flow:
    – Your shifts & times worked, are automatically logged online.
    – At the end of the month, you submit an invoice (FreshBooks).
    – Everyone is paid electronically via N26, Revolut, and/or Wise.

Live Agents need to be familiar with:


Application Process

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