Team Application Process

We appreciate every application received. Also, we respect your time and effort. It’s a two-way street. Only if we align our journeys, and see the same horizon, can we move ahead together. Let’s do this!


ZaGenie Team

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This is a free and fair process, to give everyone an equal opportunity!

We receive literally hundreds of applications every day, with hopeful applicants, looking for employment. Needless to say, it’s very time-consuming, to sift through all the job applications. Perhaps pick a few candidates that stand out, and discard the rest. That is what most companies do. Henceforth, the majority of applications are simply discarded, without the courtesy of a reply. We feel that’s very bad manners. Not to mention throwing the baby out with the bathwater!

Our approach to hiring is different. Initially, we don’t even look at your CV. Nor do we care for your degree, diploma nor umpteen certificates. For sure, the character reference (from your fav cousin) is flattering, but it’s not him/her that has to work with you, we do. The chemistry has to be right.

We go with the theory that EVERYONE is like milk. The cream rises to the top, naturally. The best become butter. Any farmer will tell you that there is hard work involved. There are no shortcuts.

We let YOU work your way onto ZaGenie Team, by way of a worksheet. No, this is not the average recruitment monkey puzzle, to fit round pegs into square holes, but smart, productive worksheet. Consisting of concise, constructive tasks, that set you up with member access to all the initiatives we support. The websites where you need to login, in order to do the job at hand. Completing the worksheet, is in fact an introduction to what we do, and the initial training, to support our clients.

Show us that you can follow written instructions, action specific tasks, and complete this process successfully. Once on the other side, we will gladly have a personal chat, and bring you on board.


Please follow these steps…

  1. Click on the word “Vacancy” below the team position that interests you.
  2. Complete and submit the online form, at the bottom of the team position details.
  3. Check your email inbox for an email from us, and read the instructions in it very carefully.
  4. You will find FOUR STEPS TO FOLLOW, so that you bypass any pay walls. This is where most applicants fail. They do NOT action these steps. Some get angry and upset, thinking there is a payment involved, to complete this application process. Abandoning, and/or kicking back, thereby automatically excluding themselves. Quite frankly, this is good for both parties. We save everyone some time. If unable to read, interpret and complete just four simple steps to bypass the member cash register, how will they perform in the actual job? Read this blog post to understand why most people drop out of contention. Sad but true, some folks don’t pay attention to detail. C’est la vie.
  5. Assuming you got into the worksheet OK, without paying for membership, start reading.
  6. Read every line closely, and it will tell you exactly what to do, and how to achieve same.
  7. After submitting your first directory listing, your worksheet will display a “Timeout”.
  8. This is to allow your listing to be approved, and avoid you making mistakes x 45.
  9. When you get a green light via email, complete the remaining 44 sections.
  10. Once all 45 sections are done, mark your worksheet complete, and submit.
  11. When the review is successful, you will get a personal email, either way.
  12. If it’s a “Yah”, we will set up a personal meeting, in person and/or online.*
  13. Should we get along like a house on fire, we will start the onboarding process.
  14. Just so that we don’t end this on unlucky 13, we wish you everything of the best!

* Please do not request an interview before your worksheet is complete. You will receive an invite.


All the above too much hassle for you? Want a quicker way to earn income?

Should you not see the forest for the trees above, that’s OK. It’s not for everyone. However, there is a shoe for every foot, we just have to find it. If a position with ZaGenie Team is not your destiny, perhaps you would like to help spread the word, and make money that way. It is relatively easy..

While not permanently on ZaGenie Team, the Ambassadors contribute significantly to the overall success of the initiatives we provide support for. This can be the springboard to ZaGenie Team.


Ubuntu Synergy

Opportunities for those already employed, and looking for a second income. Promoting the various initiatives and helping causes. Caring for those around you, while generating revenue. If you believe that charity begins at the cash register, then these initiatives are for you…

Ubuntu Synergy

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Ubuntu Synergy Ambassadors

ZaGenie Team

ZaGenie Team

Would you like to join us?

We follow an unorthodox hiring process. We don’t need your CV, when you apply. No doubt you have a masterpiece prepared, and the road that brought you here, is strewn with achievements. Truth be told, while your past is important, we are more interested in what we can do, together.

Likewise, your academic prowess, degrees and diplomas are to be commended, but we are more interested in your actual work ethic and strength of character. Those qualities can not be studied for. It’s who you are that will  make you a valuable asset to ZaGenie Team. Our core is character.

Let’s start the process of getting to know each other. Put in a bid for the relevant team position, and I’ll personally get back to you. Yes, technology will help me keep that promise of respecting your time and interest in what we do. Making it through our unique process, is mostly up to you.


I look forward to our journey together!

Herby Olschewski

Herby Olschewski


Click here for the list of vacancies…