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When technology takes too much time, causes frustration and despair, ZaGenie is always there. Proposing proven products and services. Smart solutions to get organized and more productive.

Who No matter where in the world, nor what you do for a living, ANYONE can participate at no cost. With easy, step-by-step guidance on how to leverage this initiative, from your point of view:

– Scholars & Students – Employment Seekers – Employed But Always Broke – Single & Stay-At-Home Parents – Struggling Business Owners – Administrators & -Managers – Retrenched & Retired Folks – Successful Super Affiliates

What A global network of proactive people, communicating courteously and collaborating ethically. Meeting online and in person. Learning how to improve themselves and the world around us. Contributing to a global directory of resources. Offering employment or looking for vacancies. Publicize and/or find events. Browse the marketplace with deals and discounts for members. • Community Forums • Meetups & Socials • Online Academy • The Directory • Global Map • JobsBoard • EventSpace • MarketPlace

Where Primarily this initiative is online, but can be practised offline too. Bringing cyberspace down to earth, we combine the Internet with traditional ways to spread the word. Marketing around the globe, wherever members live. It’s in your heart and part of your soul. Reaching out to others in a professional and ethical manner, leading by example and creating synergy. There are no geographical boundaries, no constraints and no limit on earnings. Live local, think global, thrive universally. Where there is a will, there is a way, be it for work or combined with play.

When There is no better time to get involved with this initiative, than now. No matter your current circumstances, be you scholar/student, looking for a job and/or unhappy in your employment. Perhaps a single or stay-at home parent? Business owners, administrators and managers will appreciate another income stream. Many folks have been retrenched or are in early retirement. Whatever your stage of life, start now to become a successful super aliate!

Why The Internet/Web has become a cesspool of discourteous behaviour. Polluted with spam and insulting hype. Unrealistic “get-rich-quick” schemes and MLM. Constant requests for donations and bombardment with ads. This initiative is a departure from the dastardly. Using old-school principles and ethical techniques to spread the word. Smarter ways to generate revenue.. NO SPAM ~ NO HYPE ~ NO MLM ~ NO DONATIONS ~ NO ADVERTISING

How Using a revenue sharing business model, this initiative oers anyone the opportunity to earn extra income, while at the same time helping various causes. By spreading the word, we create Unity, foster Community, motivate Affiliates to generate residual Revenue and promote evenue and promote Events.

The technical core is a single-tier affiliate program. This is NOT multi-level marketing. There is zero cost to be an affiliate and no charge for training. Affliates do not earn anything from the referrals of another affiliate.

Recurring commissions are only paid to the first referring affiliate when new members subscribe. Nothing to sell, no products to stock nor buy. Everything is given to affiliates on a technical plate. Uniquely coded links and QR codes to share far and wide. Using social media networks to give the website/cause more exposure. Your statistics for click trac, referrals and commissions are tracked in real time. Easy to follow tutorials are provided and every effort made to help you succeed. It’s a part-time job or a full business in a digital box

Get paid to generate residual revenue while helping worthwhile causes!

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