Novtel Software

Novtel Software are specialists in the development of Rental Management Software, integrating with Sage Evolution and Sage Pastel Accounting and an Online Sage Pastel Authorised Training Centre. Novtel – a global specialist in the development of rental management software products that integrate seamlessly with Sage Pastel Accounting, Sage Evolution, Microsoft, NightsBridge, TPN, TomTom, and more – is an established software and training company based in South Africa. Over the past 20 years they have shown a commitment to the reselling, supporting and development of enhancements and customized add-on software solutions for the Sage product range; and have proudly achieved the status of: Approved Sage Pastel 3rd Party Developer and Reseller, approved Sage Evolution 3rd Party Developer. Novtel is also a Sage Pastel Authorized Online Training Centre (ATC) and a Sage Endorsed 3rd Party Vendor. In addition to software development, Novtel strives to educate individuals in leading Sage Pastel Accounting and Novtel software products via a convenient and easily accessible online platform, worldwide. As an online Sage Authorised Training Centre, students near and far are able to achieve a FASSET accredited certification in Sage Bookkeeping Fundamentals and Sage Pastel Partner Accounting software upon completion of our video-enhanced online Sage short courses, at their own pace and on-demand. Novtel is proud to be partnered and associated with the following world-leading software and hardware developers: Sage, Microsoft, MYOB, Intuit, TPN, NightsBridge and TomTom.