We designed MyFocusSpace as the go-to-place for any remote worker. A place where you know you can stay accountable and push things forward. Now that the world is familiar with video communications, the way businesses and individuals communicate and connect will be forever changed.

Long story short we, the 3 founders of MyFocusSpace – Ionut Mistreanu, Viorica Vanica and Vlad Tarniceru – have one big thing in common: building solutions that solve real problems. It’s only that we have different approaches to be productive: Ionut, for instance, is passionate about finding ways to be more effective in his daily life. On the other hand, Vlad is the type of person who performs in random spikes of creativity. And Vio, mixes both worlds together to accomplish her best.

Even so, we figured out that no matter the approach, all of us would benefit from a platform which would improve self-accountability while working from home most of the time. That’s when we started developing MyFocusSpace.

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