LearnWorlds is the top all-in-one platform for creating, promoting and selling online courses. LearnWorlds is the best “educational amplifier”, empowering trainers, educators and content authors to create unique, enjoyable and social learning experiences.

We have the aspiration that our learners remunerate us not for “consuming” information or sitting through another typical web lecture, but for having the chance to immerse themselves in an ecology of apprenticeship and practice, in a learning community that employs various tools for supporting them in the different stages of their learning cycle (i.e. getting familiar with the content, assimilating, practicing, training, continuous updating, participating in the community, etc.)

Learning will be transformed in the years to come from the impersonal old-school digital courses/lectures/presentations, which are inspired by the traditional classroom and the “factory” paradigm of education, to communities where learners study and apply knowledge in a collaborative manner, discover knowledge, and get directly associated with the study content at hand.