FreshBooks Founder and CEO Mike was self-employed and running a small design agency. One busy afternoon in 2003, he accidentally saved over an invoice and lost his work. Then and there, the inspiration for FreshBooks was born.

Flashback to January 2003, Mike was running a four-person design agency and when it came to billing clients, Word and Excel were frustrating to use. They simply weren’t built to create professional-looking invoices. Then one day something happened that makes every small business owner cringe: He accidentally saved over an old invoice, losing hours of work in the process. Knowing there had to be a better way, Mike decided to create it himself. Over the next two weeks, he coded up a solution that became the foundation of what is now FreshBooks.

From humble beginnings, FreshBooks moved out of the basement (then moved 3 more times) and now consists of 500+ employees in offices around the world. More than 24 million people in 160+ countries have used FreshBooks to make things like invoicing, expenses, payments and financial reporting easier. Whether you’re just starting out or have been running an agency or firm for years, FreshBooks is designed exclusively for business owners, their teams and their clients.

If you create value for your customers by applying your time and expertise to their problems, FreshBooks is built for you. FreshBooks helps you run your business more efficiently and saves you time every day (FreshBooks can save you 550+ hours a year). With 11 Stevie Award-winning customer support, you’ll never be alone with your books.