When we brought Photomatix HDR photography software to Germany in 2007, we did not expect the hype that we would cause. “High Dynamic Range” had an immense impact for FRANZIS, an established technology publisher with an already existing range of products.

Today, FRANZIS is the leading name for high-end photography software in Germany. Our tools receive the best reviews from the media in the field. And, most importantly, we receive positive Feedback from our users and customers daily. The FRANZIS projects line is extremely innovative and aimed at professional photographers.

Each individual software tool has inspiring specialized solutions and design options that are only possible through significant effort and competence with the common photo editing programs. Give us a try! Let our trials inspire you. There is one promise that I can give you with certainty: With our tools, you will become a recognized photo expert. And maybe more importantly, you will find a friend in your photography, be it hobby or professional, like you have never experienced before.

Whether you are a photographer, a technical engineer, a programmer or just exploring, FRANZIS offers perfect, quick, simple and competent solutions for all hobbyists and pros, with books, software, construction kits and webinars.

With almost 100 available study packages, experiment boxes and construction kits, FRANZIS wants to make new technology accessible, impart basic and expert knowledge as well as excite young and old about technology.

You have a hidden passion that you can’t live out in your job? You would like to pour your heart and soul into a personal project in your free time and also after work? At FRANZIS we have the perfect exciting project for your needs. Photography, programming languages, science or technology – there is something for everyone in our multi-layered product categories. Throw yourself into a new challenge and design your own fuel cell. Construct a weather station and investigate weather phenomena from home. Or learn how to safely operate a remote-controlled helicopter model and view the world from above! FRANZIS is the publisher for challenging hobbies and hobby technology – but always with fun! Whether you prefer experimenting, want to improve your photography skills or want to get into programming – FRANZIS has exciting and great designed material for you! And professionals also get their money’s worth with us. Deepen your knowledge in C++ or optimize your professional 3D printing. Whether beginner, advanced or technical master, everyone finds his project and passion at FRANZIS!

Our extensive assortment combines learning with entertainment. The FRANZIS range includes high-quality products that will awaken the creative mind in you. Take the plunge with our innovative products. The professional and technical nature of our products demands an enormously high quality standard – whether for our own products or those of third party suppliers. All items are tested and found to be of high quality. Our desire is that our customers feel equally entertained and challenged.

There has probably never been as much photography as today – whether with smartphones or highly equipped digital SLR cameras. However, as in the days of analog photography, good photos are still the responsibility of the photographer. To raise your level to the next level, FRANZIS offers a wide range of products. From guidebooks on camera technology to online seminars on the craft of photography to the high-quality FRANZIS developments in digital imaging, FRANZIS has the right product for every photography enthusiast.