Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management to dramatically improve your workflow and productivity easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful.

Much of our information consumption and research, whether at home or at work, has shifted online. We are now spending a big part of our day working with online information – reading and researching related to travel, health, shopping, career, hobbies, news, online learning, smart investing, school papers, work projects, you name it.

Yet the workflow with information, from browsing, reading, researching, annotating, storing, organizing, remembering, collaborating, sharing, to connecting dots into knowledge, is still largely ad-hoc and inefficient. Diigo is here to streamline the information workflow and dramatically improve your productivity. Our users include law firms, marketing agencies, consultants, recruiters, web designers, researchers, students, teachers… – basically anyone who consumes lots of online information, either individually or as a team.

Still have needs of working with information not met? Well, stay tuned, or better yet, let us know! Our team at Diigo is dedicated to improve every aspect of your information workflow, continuously improve our service by innovating and by listening to our users. Eventually provide the ultimate information and knowledge management system to transform how we research and consume information, and how we acquire and organize knowledge.