Cozy Roadie

Cozy Roadie is the brainchild of Michael Saperton, Television Engineer in the Staging, Production and Event Technologies Industry. Michael and his wife Barbara are the owners of Cozy Roadie. They reside in Phoenix, Arizona, and manage the company first hand.

Over the years, Michael has observed the waste of valuable truck space, the hassle of loading and unloading fully assembled executive office chairs, and the expensive, frequent replacement of office chairs that are damaged and often rendered unusable during transport to events.

Michael’s invention, the patent-pending Click | Pack | Stack! Quick Release, is a quick-and-easy disassembly mechanism for executive office chairs, as well as other cylindrically based furniture items, and is what made Cozy Roadie possible.

Cozy Roadie is committed to offering world-class customer service and providing the very best solutions to portable luxury seating. Durable sustainable Mobile office seating that last for years.

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