Authenteq is the future of identity verification and digital authentication. We believe it should be fast, fully automated, and simple without compromising on data security. Authenteq started life as an identity app intended to verify online personas and validate website reviews. When the founder of Authenteq, Kari Thor, saw the app’s potential to become an easy-to-use, fast and secure ID recognition service, putting the control of identity firmly back in the hands of the users. Two years later, having set up a team in Berlin and secured investors, the first version of Authenteq was launched. Initially designed to be a standalone app, our team soon realised that to create a truly simple ID verification process, we needed to pivot the concept and allow the service to be integrated within partner platforms. Adapting our product to an integrated service allows us to create a seamless and smooth experience for the end-user. Our aim – to make Authenteq the most accurate and least memorable part of the customer journey.