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FreshBooks started in 2004, but really became prominent, when launching a new version in 2016. A web-based subscription-based product that includes invoicing, expense tracking, retainers, fixed asset depreciation, accounts payable, and payroll integrations. An important feature is the FreshBooks API, allowing multitude of integrations.

ZaGenie has used FreshBooks since 2004, and forms the basis of our financial management. Preaching what we practice, the advice we give to our clients, partners and affiliates, is to use FreshBooks. The product serves us well.

ZaGenie is now taking the FreshBooks affiliate partnership to a new level. It’s an integral part of our team and affiliate onboarding process. All our contractors and affiliates need to issue a FreshBooks invoice to us, to receive payment.

ZaGenie looks forward to strengthening the working relationship with FreshBooks.

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Herby Olschewski
Herby Olschewski

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