Learn WordPress In Just ONE Hour! (Videos)

Learn WordPress In Just ONE Hour!

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) used by over a billion websites, representing about two thirds of the web. It is by far the best way to go, if you want to build a modern website, and/or learn a new marketable skill. All that you need is a fast, effective way to grasp the essentials.


Here is the quickest and most effective way to master WordPress!

 Just 48 short videos, no longer than a few minutes each.

Easy to follow, without getting bogged down in manuals.

Learn at your own pace, using the Pause and Play buttons.


To get started with WordPress, simply create a free WordPress account. It costs you nothing.

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Watch the first three videos below, to see how easy this course is to follow. With concise demonstrations and “how to” instructions, guiding you through to successful completion.


1) The Dashboard


2) Install a Theme


3) The Customizer

The full list of topics covered in this online course:

  1. The Dashboard
  2. Install a Theme
  3. The Customizer
  4. Change Theme
  5. Managing Widgets
  6. Editor Overview
  7. Categories
  8. Quick Draft
  9. Pages vs. Posts
  10. Adding New Posts
  11. Adding New Pages
  12. Adding New Posts (Gutenberg)
  13. Adding New Pages (Gutenberg)
  14. Navigation Menus
  15. Revisions
  16. Using Trash
  17. Restoring Posts
  18. Restoring Pages
  19. Editing Text
  20. Heading Styles
  21. Using Paragraphs
  22. Reusable Blocks
  23. Lists
  24. Hyperlinks
  25. Using Tags
  26. Post Excerpts
  27. Managing Comments
  28. The Media Library
  29. Adding Media
  30. Image Galleries
  31. Uploading Images
  32. Add Image From URL
  33. Adding Images From Media Library
  34. The Image Editor
  35. Editing Images
  36. Deleting Images
  37. Replace an Image
  38. Set Featured Image
  39. Embed Videos
  40. Creating Playlists
  41. Install and Configure a Plugin
  42. Running Updates
  43. Tools
  44. Settings
  45. The Toolbar
  46. The Admin Bar
  47. Create and Edit Users
  48. Changing Your Password

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