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On The Forefront of Digital Payment Services

Revolut is a fintech company, based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2015, it has quickly grown into a successful currency exchange, with debit and virtual cards, and other services. Money can be held in interest-bearing vaults.

Commission-free stock and commodities trading is also offered. In January 2022, Revolut launched as a bank, in several EU countries, and continues to grow exponentially. Current company valuation is in excess of £4.2 billion.

ZaGenie has been using Revolut services since 2015. We were quick to identify the benefits, and the big leap forward from traditional banks. Their understanding of the revenue share business model, and affiliate marketing campaigns, puts Revolut and ZaGenie, firmly in the same camp. Pay-for-performance is the primary driver for accelerated growth.

ZaGenie has now entered into a formalized arrangement, whereby we integrate and propose Revolut services to our membership base. This includes all the 45 humanitarian initiatives, for which ZaGenie provides managed services.

We look forward to a long and rewarding business relationship with Revolut.


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