We believe in changing the status quo. A thoughtful analysis of the current state of affairs has motivated us to develop our own remuneration model, based on a stable balance between cashflow and performance. Instead of depending on the increment of capital and investment, ZaGenie remuneration model presents a self-sustainable paradigm, where the increase of cashflow leads to the expansion of ZaGenie Team.

Finding a balance between cashflow and performance.

ZaGenie Remuneration Model

Generally, companies ground their payroll on a fixed budget and a predetermined vertical structure. While this methodology seems to have worked for decades, it tends to cause an unbalanced distribution of capital, where the bigger part of it is retained by a few. Moreover, it often happens that an increase of income on behalf of a company represents an increment of income for some, while the majority of the workers do not benefit from it.

Furthermore, according to outdated theoretical speculations, a strictly vertical structure and significant differences of income between the levels of the structure should secure motivation and loyalty, under the premise that workers aspire to win a sort of individual competition against their peers. Thus, workers are expected to outperform others based on self-motivation, individual skills and personal achievements, while workers who exhibit a lack of motivation or loyalty are frequently said to be unable to compete. However, we have observed that the decrease of motivation and loyalty in many of today’s companies may be caused by the rigidity of their structures and significant remuneration gaps.

ZaGenie Team has a standard vertical structure composed of a leadership segment and an operational segment. Both segments are entirely composed of independent contractors. In contrast to most standard remuneration models, ours significantly reduces the gap between both segments: the leadership segment represents 15% of the total payroll and our CEO’s remuneration is only 6 times the average operative remuneration.

ZaGenie Team

Our leadership segment, which represents 5% of the team, is composed of:

  • Chairman: The creative mind behind the philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy.
  • CEO: Who turns ideas into actions and reports directly to the chairman.
  • 6 x C-Suite officers: The heads of our departments that command each aspect of our operations.
  • 4 x Senior Directors: Well-versed in all aspects of the company, with many years of experience.
  • 24 x Team Leaders: Seasoned partner managers that share their knowledge and experience to build a team of well-trained partner manager.

Although each member of this segment has a specific job to do, their goal is to create synergy among the operative workers by promoting cooperation, cohesion and, above all, our values. As a whole, the leadership segment is formed by people who have experience on each aspect of our operations and a clear understanding of the philosophy of Ubuntu Synergy.

The operational segment, which represents 95% of ZaGenie Team, is composed of:

  • 240 x Partner Managers: The success of our partners depends on proactive partner managers.
  • 225 x Content Reviewers: Attention to detail is what ensures the quality of our content.
  • 48 x Moderators: The foundation of our communities is courtesy.
  • 90 x Support Reps: Who resolve issues that need technical attention.
  • 45 x Live Agents: The first line of support, with the critical responsibility of warmly welcoming visitors to our initiatives.

The operational segment is the most important part of our team. Their goal is to work as a unit and grow proportionally to our communities, ensuring that our workload does not exceed our capacity to perform optimally.

ZaGenie is Self-Sustainable

ZaGenie Self-Sustainable Remuneration Model

ZaGenie has several sources of income, mostly from membership fees. We do not have investors, nor take donations. Our guiding principle is the idea that any increment of cashflow implies an increment of workload, which, in turn, creates the need for more operative workers.

We have developed a self-sustainable remuneration model that revolves around the fundamental position in our team: partner managers. Our partner managers work directly with our partners to guarantee their success within and beyond our initiatives, and they also produce useful content for our members. Thus, partner managers are responsible for a significant portion of our second source of income: membership fees.

ZaGenie remuneration model distributes our revenue by relating cashflow to workload. To ensure optimal performance, ZaGenie Team grows proportionally to our communities. The result of this strategy is that our company does not depend on a fixed budget, and guarantees a fair distribution of revenue. By reducing the gap between the levels of the structure of our team, we have found a formula that benefits each member of the team.

ZaGenie remuneration model balances two sources of income as follows:

  • Partnership fees: 50% is assigned to partner managers and 40% to the leadership segment. The remaining 10% covers the referral commissions of our members.
  • Membership fees: 80% is assigned to the operational segment and 20% covers the referral commissions of our members.

ZaGenie remuneration model is meant to overcome inequity. On the one hand, our leadership segment earns only 40% of our partnership incomes. Since our leadership segment has a fixed number of components, our model predicts that any surplus is to be employed to expand the operational segment, inasmuch as it would signify an increase of workload. On the other hand, the financial success of ZaGenie Team ultimately relies on the cooperation and cohesion of our workers, which is why we have reasoned that they are to be assigned 85% of our total payroll.


ZaGenie’s pledge is to community welfare, and we actively practice it.

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