ZaGenie Team Application

## **- Is there a real job after doing all this?**

Yes. The applicants who make it through the process successfully, will be invited to join ZaGenie Team.

**- Do I get £2700 in cash for simply completing the worksheet?**

Absolutely **NOT**. We do however give you up to three months free memberships, in all the 45 initiatives, in exchange for your time and effort here. Also, the listings you create, are yours to keep, even if you don’t make ZaGenie Team.

## **- What exactly does the application process entail?**

1) You applied, read the receipt email, and followed the FOUR steps to bypass the paywall. That was the first test.

2) You were sent an invitation to join this Twist group. You arrived at the Foyer, and were asked to dress up your profile. That was the second test.

3) You were then ushered into the Mentoree channel, where you were asked to read this >> [Twist: Please read this first, and again!](

4) If you understood the instructions, you will have access to the Worksheet >>

5) You created your first listing here >>

6) It’s a simple form with SIX fields. Each form field tells you exactly what to fill in. You have to upload SEVEN correctly sized and named images.

7) You put your best foot forward, and submitted your first listing for review. If it failed, it went back into your drafts. You need to RTFM >>

8) If your listing was approved and published. That means you will be able to do the job you applied for. We are looking for people, who pay attention to detail, and can follow written instructions.

9) Your worksheet will be released from timeout, and you can proceed with the remaining sections 2) through 45)

10) Once fully completed, you will get a consolidated page like this >>

11) We will then make plans to have a personal video chat with you. No need to dress up, but bring your best brain 🙂

12) Should we get on like (at least a small) house on fire, you will be moved to the Graduate channel.

13) That’s when we put our heads together, and figure out where best you will fit into ZaGenie Team.

**## – What happens if I get stuck along the way, and cannot even get my first listing reviewed?**

Well, to be honest, we’ve done our best to let you have a fair crack at getting a job with us. The rest is up to you.

**## – Why won’t you help me create my listing?**

That would be like the teacher doing your homework for you. Would you like us to write the exam for you too? Best we can do, is give you the textbook, so you can RTFM >>

## **- How many attempts do I get to have my first listing approved?**

You can submit your listing for review THREE times. If rejected THREE times, then it becomes clear that you will be unable to do the job as required. We regret that you then have to consider your application as unsuccessful.

**## – I really cannot get my head around this application process?**

Well, it’s not such a bad thing, if coming to that conclusion. You have saved us both, a lot of time and effort. Perhaps this is not for you.

Hey, personally, I wanted to join the Bolshoi Ballet, at one point in my life. However, with 100+ kg, balancing bullishly on two left feet, I did not get to live my dream 🙂

C’est la vie. Life goes on!