Reviewing Listings

  1. Click on Content Reviewers in your Dashboard.
  2. Click on Review Listings.
  3. Click on All Listings.
  4. Click on Pending.
  5. Click on the Title column, to arrange listing alphabetically.
  6. Click on Edit, for the first listing that corresponds to your Alphabet allocation for that day.
  7. Click on Preview at top right. Check the images by going through the slider. You will immediately see if incorrect. There must be SEVEN¬† images and all the correct size and ratio. If not, the listing fails and needs to go back to Drafts. Go directly to “Send back to Drafts” below. If images OK, then continue to next item here.
  8. Scroll to the images section:
    – Images should be first-lastname-01.jpg through to 07.
    – No special characters, spaces, caps etc.
    – If not correct, the listing needs to go back to Drafts. Go directly to “Send back to Drafts” below. If OK, continue here.
  9. Scroll back up and check the listing name. Must be First Lastname or Entity Name. (First letter must be uppercase. Title must be as short as possible. No strange characters.)
    – Right mouse and copy the listing name.
  10. Check the Permalink. Must not have first-lastname-2/ (Which means it is a duplicate).
  11. Scroll down to Listing Details. Category must be Listings.
  12. Scroll to Contact Details.
    – Must be on 1 line. 123 Your Street, Town/City, Postal/Zip, Country
    – Number and street can be omitted.
    – Region must be something. If nothing there, set to WorldWide.
    – Postal code must be same as in address line, if indeed there.
    – Phone number is optional, but if there must have country code like +27 etc.
    – Email address must be there. Hard to verify, but at least look correct with @ sign.
    – The pin on the map must look to be in the correct place.
  13. Check video URL that it’s YouTube or Vimeo. Can be empty.
  14. In SmartCrawl, look to see if Meta box looks OK.
  15. Paste the directory name, as the focus keyword.
  16. WAIT for the spinner, until the search problem items appear. No need to do anything with those. Some will be yellow, some will be green.
  17. Scroll to the Author box, and make a mental note, of what is between the parenthesis.
  18. Scroll back up to top right, the Publish section.
  19. Click and place a checkmark in Never Expires.
  20. Look where is says “Set this post for affiliate.” and start typing the author name, as per item 17) above. This is a dynamic field, and it will search the database. Select the EXACT same name, as it says in the Author box. This is IMPORTANT, otherwise the WRONG affiliate ID will be embedded in the listing URL. The affiliate name will then be pinned in a highlighted box, just below. Double check with the Author box. MUST be the same. If not, remove by clicking on the small x and try again.
  21. If all is OK, then click on Publish.
  22. Do a quick scan of the page, to see if everything is correct. Click on Update, if needed.


Send back to Drafts:

Note: Do NOT use the Status in the Publish box to mark as Drafts. This will NOT put it back into the user’s Drafts.

  1. Click on All Listings again, in the left margin.
  2. Click on Pending, Title and find the listing you were just editing, and which failed. You can also use the Search Listing box at the top right.
  3. Place a check mark in the box to the left of the listing name. ONLY select this one listing.
  4. Go up a bit, and select Bulk actions and Edit. Be very careful NOT to select Move to Bin.
  5. Click on Apply.
  6. Look on the right where it says Status and click on No Change. Select Draft. Be carful here, and the drop down is sensitive, and can jump.
  7. Scroll down to the green Update button. Check on the left so see the correct listing has a checkmark in it, and click on Update.
  8. WAIT for the page to save, and then check the first listing in the list. It should be the one you just edited and there must be Draft below it.


That’s it. Done. Move on to the next listing.